inspired by art in nature, people, my surroundings and this amazing planet we live on

Hokitika beach

a few facts…

I was born in 1954 in a small hillside hamlet in West Slaithwaite, Yorkshire.  Until a teenager, my three siblings and I grew up surrounded by wonderful countryside, wild & farm animals and amazing views.  We attended a school that housed just two small classes; one infants and one juniors.  My love for nature began there during fabulous nature walks where we would collect plants, illustrate them in our nature books and then press them.  We would capture bugs and tadpoles to be observed and drawn before letting them free. These lessons were the beginnings of my art journey.  I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t drawing, painting or creating.

Despite my desire to go to art school, it wasn’t to be, so instead I settled for teacher-training college with art as my main subject.  I figured that making art with children would be satisfying in itself, which it was, although I longed to be creating my own work.  After qualifying, I went on to (very happily) teach for a number of years until I took ‘early retirement’. During my working years, I wasn’t able to focus on drawing/painting as teaching is such a demanding job and with three children, life was busy enough!  So, in  Sept 2017 I decided it was ‘now or never’ this was my chance at last – if I didn’t focus more on my art, it would never happen and it would be Too Late…..

I love creating art using all sorts of media, my favourite being simple pencil or charcoal portrait sketches.  I also enjoy painting portraits in oils, claywork, lino cutting, making with papier mache and have recently begun batik.  However, this website is mainly dedicated to my current interest and that’s tea bag art!

I currently live in Portishead, Bristol, UK, with my husband and dog.